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POWERFLOW Carburetor Inlet Kits

Professional Products now offers an inexpensive, yet high quality, line carburetor inlet kits. Models for both Holley 4150 and 4500 four barrel carbs as well as Demon four barrels. All kits include a 1/8-NPT pipe tap for a fuel pressure gauge. (Click here to see our 1112 0-15 psi gauge in this catalog.) Our kits also feature an outstanding rich red and blue anodized finish.

Price Pt. No Application
BuyNow 69.99 10400 Carb Inlet Kit - Holley 4150 w/-8 AN inlet (9.38" spacing)
BuyNow 69.99 10401 Carb Inlet Kit - Holley 4500 w/-8 AN inlet (11.25" spacing)
BuyNow 69.99 10402 Carb Inlet Kit - Demon w/-8 AN inlet (9.62" spacing)
BuyNow 9.99 10450 Adapter (Converts any of the above to 3/8-NPT inlet)

Modular Concept - All Professional Products Fuel Filters (except the Inline Street Filters) utilize pipe threads for the inlet and outlet ports. We also offer a full line of inexpensive adapter fittings which allow the user a wide array of plumbing methods and sizes. This modular concept allows great flexibility in plumbing the specific fuel filter you choose to use. The Street Filters and the #10100 Competition Filter utilize 3/8 NPT ports and the other two styles of Competition Filters use 1/2 NPT ports. Adapter fittings are available in three nipple sizes (for the Street Filters) for use with conventional fuel hoses and clamps. Plus we also offer AN style adapters ranging from -6 AN to -8 AN for the Street Filters and -6 AN up to -12 AN for the Competition Filters. Note that all Professional Products PowerFlow Adapter Fittings are packaged two a box.

Professional Products PowerFlow Fuel Filters are easily the equivalent of many various name brand filters but are much less expensive. You don't need to spend big bucks for a fancy brand name when the lineup of PowerFlow Filters are available for substantially less money.

Street Performance Fuel Filters

Inline Street Fuel Filters

Color 5/16" 3/8" Price
Blue 10200 10203 16.99
Red 10201 10204 16.99
Brite Alum. 10202 10205 16.99
Replacement Element 10220 9.99

These billet aluminum filters utilize a sintered bronze element. Available in six versions.


Inline Performance Fuel Filter

A very high performance street filter, this design flows up to 160 GPH and filters down to 10 microns.  Dimensions: 2-7/16" long x 1-1/2" diameter. Filter has 3/8-NPT inlet and outlet ports.

PN# Price
Red/Blue Inline Filter 10210 29.99
Polished Inline Filter 10211 39.99
Replacement Element 10221 9.99


Hi-Tech Fuel Filter

A perfect filter for street rods, street machines and show cars. Similar in performance characteristics to the Inline Performance filter, this beauty features a polished stainless steel mounting bracket. Dimensions: 3" long x 2" diameter. Filter has 3/8-NPT inlet and outlet ports.

PN# Price
Red/Blue Hi-Tech Filter 10214 49.99
Polished Hi-Tech Filter 10215 59.99
Replacement Element 10222 15.99

Street Rod Fuel Filter

This is a smaller version of our super popular Competition Filter with similar flow and filtering characteristics.  It features a universal chrome bracket with stainless steel attaching hardware and a high quality polished chrome housing.  Dimensions: 4-9/16" long x 2-7/16" diameter. Filter has 3/8-NPT inlet and outlet ports.

PN# Price
Steel Rod Fuel Filter 10102 39.99
Replacement Element 10122 9.99




Competition Filters and Adapter Fittings


Competition Fuel Filter

Our very popular Competition Fuel Filter has been a best seller for years. Featuring a 90 GPH fuel flow, filtering down to 10 microns, and a rated working pressure of 125 PSI, this is a great all around filter for many uses.  It has 3/8-NPT inlet and outlet ports and a reversible bracket that allows inlet or outlet port positioning on either side.  It features a highly polished chrome canister and mounting bracket. Includes element. Not suitable for use with alcohol or nitro and is not recommended for fuel injected applications.
Dimensions: 5-7/16" long x 3-1/4" diameter

PN# Price
Competition Fuel Filter 10100 49.99
Replacement Element 10120 9.99

 Competition+Plus Fuel Filter

A more high tech version of our Competition Filter, this model features an aluminum housing and precision threaded and "0" ringed end caps.  It has 1/2-NPT inlet and outlet fuel ports and will handle up to -12 AN style fittings. The element will filter to 10 microns and still provides 130 GPH @ 40 psig. It has tapped holes to accept any type of fabricated mounting bracket. This filter will match the performance of competitive units costing twice as much. Gasoline only. Not recommended for fuel injected applications.
Dimensions: 4-1/4" long x 2-3/4" diameter

PN# Price
Red/Blue Filter 10300 65.99
Polished Filter 10301 79.99
Replacement Element 10320 9.99


Competition Inline Fuel Filter

This design is for those racers who prefer a high flowing inline filter with a stainless steel screen element suitable for gasoline, alcohol, or nitro. This filter will flow 140 GPH @ 7 psig and 360 GPH @ 40 psig and filter to 15 microns. The filter also includes tapped holes on the housing to suit any type of fabricated mounting bracket. The filter features 1/2-NPT inlet and outlet ports and can accept up to -12 AN style fittings.  The filter is 5-3/8 inches. This filter is available in a red/blue anodized finish.  Not recommended for fuel injected applications. Dimensions: 5-3/8" long x 1-5/8" diameter

PN# Price
Red/Blue Filter 10302 59.99
Replacement Element 10321 19.99

 Adapter Fittings

Description Part No. Price
3/8-NPT to 1/4 nipple 10230 9.99
3/8-NPT to 5/16 nipple 10231 9.99
3/8-NPT to 3/8 nipple 10232 9.99
3/8-NPT to -6 AN 10233 9.99
3/8-NPT to -8 AN 10234 9.99
1/2-NPT to -6 AN 10240 9.99
1/2-NPT to -8 AN 10241 9.99
1/2-NPT to -10 AN 10242 9.99
1/2-NPT to -12 AN 10243 12.99
Use these fittings with your choice of our filters to achieve the type of plumbing connections you desire.  Note that all of the street Filters use 3/8-NPT ports. The Competition filter also uses 3/8-NPT ports while the Competition+Plus and the Competition Inline Filters both use 1/2-NPT ports.